We are making new items daily, and would love to show you our stock.  Please come check out our full line of magical and crafting items. Any questions may be e-mailed to info@styxandstonez.com
Our wands, brooms, altar brooms and talking sticks are all handmade, many to order. We use hand-gathered  woods, selecting and trimming and preparing them ourselves, and creating tools whose intended use is in harmony with the natural and magical properties of the selected woods. For this reason availability of specific woods is seasonal, although we do our best to accommodate special orders. At this writing, we have on hand: 
  • Wands and talking sticks of aspen, rosewood, willow and ash. 
  • Besoms of maple, willow and cottonwood. 
  • Altar brooms of maple and aspen.
Our hand-made divination stone sets include:
  • Lithomancy sets (divination using the nature of the stone itself, rather than markings on the stone)
  • Celtic ogham rune divination sets
  • the Witchen Runes 
  • Chakra divination sets
  • We also feature some handmade stone jewelry

Willow Talking Stick ~  $35.00 fully decorated
(close-up of fork: stick is one yard long)

Altar Broom, Aspen and Sisal $8.00

Aspen and Stone Dreamcatcher  ~$45.00

Aspen and Stone Ogham Wand ~ $25.00